Thursday, July 28, 2016

July in Review

Oh god. So hot. So. Hot. Like wearing a snuggie in a sauna hot. But July had much more in store than fireworks and rat-sized mosquitoes. I actually got back around to reading (albeit beta reading), had some cinematic adventures, and made some leeway with my new WIP during Camp NaNoWriMo! I also decided to make one last push for SB and give #PitchWars a shot this year! There are SO MANY amazing agents participating (like the entirety of my top 10) and I feel like Falon and Wolf really deserve one more shot before getting put in book baby timeout.

Here's my June in review:

I didn't read any books this month. Ugh. I feel like I've come down with some terrible virus that has sapped my need to read from my soul. But I DID do some beta reading for some friends, so that counts, right? I'm trying to keep myself from rereading World War Z and White Shark for the 5th time... I seriously love those books. But I need to start crossing off titles from my TBR list before it grows so long I'll need to read 10 books a month to make a dent in it!

The Witcher 3 (PS4): 10/10. Oh. My. God. In my top 5 favorite games of all time. I fell in love with the complexity of Gerralt's character (holy crap he is a sexay silver fox) and the absolutely unique
and vibrant world this game threw me into. I'm a sucker for mythical creatures, folklore, superstitions, etc, and the Witcher threw all of these things together in one massively fun and original game (even though it's based on a book series). SERIOUSLY SO GOOD. SSOOOO GUD.

Fallout 4: 8/10. I'm loving it so far. I loved Fallout: New Vegas too.  It was the only game in the series I had played and 4 is a lot like it, but characters are all more dynamic, the graphics are amazing, and they added the really unique feature of building settlements across the Commonwealth for you to build and defend (like a really stressful and gritty version of Sims). The Post-Apocalyptic world of Fallout is also really inspiring for my own PostApoc story, especially as it's set hundreds of years after the fall of civilization. So when I'm gaming (I cannot, for the sake of my pride, share how many hours I've logged in it already), I'll just call it research. Yeah... let's go with that.

Ghostbusters8/10. So much fun. Like the most fun I've had on a cinematic adventure in AGES! It's rare that I laugh out loud at a movie, and I totally did with this one. So. Many. Times. There is no complex plot or any Oscar-worthy themes or ideas, but it was silly, and innocent, and good-natured and scary at times and so important to me. As a woman. As a fan. As someone hoping to add diversity to hero-roles and change the way we portray women as heroines in mainstream media. This movie is game-changing for ladies. And all the asshole guys trolling it can suck a big one. It's a fantastic movie and don't let anyone convince you otherwise until you see it for yourself.

Who you gonna call? These BAMF'in ladies. 


~Be mindful of the the things that precious time is spent on.~

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