Saturday, July 16, 2016

A Novel Idea: Character Collages

Need an excuse to peruse Pinterest for hours picture boarding your MS? HERE IT IS! The wonderful gals at Further Up and Further In have a new Novel Idea:

This week, make a collage with pictures that describe one of your characters. You can use pictures of your character or pictures that describe him/her (or both!). Have fun with this - don’t overthink it! Hopefully it’ll be a nice break from actually writing and help you learn more about your character at the same time!

It was very satisfying (and wonderfully time consuming) creating the character collages for my MCs. Falon, from SOUL BOUND, gets a collage. Rook and Beau from THE RUNNERS get a collage. YOU GET A COLLAGE, YOU GET A COLLAGE, EVERYBODY GETS A COLLAGE *starts throwing things at invisible audience*

There's not much to these collages, but I feel like they represent the characters as well as my novice-storyboarding self could manage (and I cheated and threw in a quote by/about them, sorrysorrysorry).

Falon Byrom from SOUL BOUND

Rook Haxley from THE RUNNERS

Beauregard "Beau" Galloway from THE RUNNERS


  1. Holy cow, all your names--the names of the characters and your books--are so unique and gorgeous. Seriously so in awe of them. The collages are so beautiful too. I love how you included locations AND quotes about your characters--that was genius! These books sound published already, and I would DEFINITELY read them. Love these collages so much--awesome work, and thanks for linking up!


    1. No, THANK YOU! I love the link ups you do! They're so much fun! But also thank you for your sweet words!!

  2. Ahh, your collages are GORGEOUS! I especially love the second :)

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality