Thursday, May 12, 2016

WIP it. WIP it good.

WIP= Work In Progress, by the way. Get my writer-joke post title now?... 

Anyway, I'm working on a NEW project! THANK THE MUSES! I can't even begin to describe what a wonderful feeling it is.

I think the most exciting part of writing a new story is getting to know the characters. And then getting to see how they interact with the world you've created and the dynamic they have with their fictional peers. I LOVE writing individual bios for each one with a list of physical attributes, birthdays, personality traits (good and bad, characters should ALWAYS be flawed. One day I'll write a post on a technique I use to make sure they have a balance of traits), and some backstory.

My new story has quite the character lineup. And because it's a dual POV (point of view), both of my MCs (main characters) have a group of people they're close to. And it's sooooo much fun figuring out how they fit into each other's lives and developing their individual voices.
There are nine in the main cast (right now) and one of my favorite character descriptions so far is "has some serious resting bitch face." And that's for one of my guys.

Only twelve chapters in and I'm already so in love with this story and these characters.
And, while I think this WIP could possibly run into the same issues as my last one, I'm having such a fun time writing it that I don't mind that it could be doomed to the same "hard sell" fate.
It's a YA Post-Apocalyptic story in the vein of Mad Max meets the Maze Runner and the dual-POV is really keeping things interesting for me as a writer. I'm so excited to give this story some grit and suspense and diverse characters and all the love I could possibly give it.

If you're curious, here's a little teaser for The Runners (this is a rough draft of a synopsis, but should get the story across!):

It’s been four-hundred years since civilization fell to the Pandemic and humanity has been spread thin. Isolated within walled cities, their only hope of survival is to remain behind their walls, exiling anyone who contracts the infection to the Wandering, the dead lands where the infected roam aimlessly in search of healthy flesh. Gas and oil have long since been depleted and the only way across the perilous Wandering is on foot. Each city in the Sierra Territory has a team of runners, brave, fast, and cunning, that runs across the Wandering with supplies to trade in the neighboring walled cities.

In the impoverished mining village of Stoln, seventeen-year-old Rook Haxley has her late father’s knack for finding ore veins and precious stones. The pay is decent and it helps to keep her and her six siblings fed. But when her older brother, Wren, one of the village’s fastest runners, is injured, her family is likely to starve without his income and the rest of the team is likely to die during the next Crossing, leaving the village with no resources to prepare for winter. Rook must take her brother’s place as a runner to keep her village and her siblings from a fate of human trafficking to survive.  

Across the Wandering, in the flourishing farming town of Bardeen, luxuries can be afforded. Their runners are treated like celebrities, and Beauregard Galloway has an ego to match. Coming from a long-line of runners, Beau has his family’s legacy on his shoulders. And while he enjoys the infamy of his family name, the horrors he sees during the Crossings are starting to turn him numb. Until he meets Stoln’s newest runner, a tiny bird of a girl with a sharp tongue and an instant dislike for Beau. Which attracts him to her immediately.

With another Pandemic season approaching and an unsuccessful harvest, Stoln and Bardeen’s runners join up to make the long Crossing to the city of Lux, where technology has survived but is selfishly kept for its city alone. There is where Bardeen and Stoln’s salvation lies. So long as Rook doesn’t take her pickaxe to Beau’s face before they arrive.  

It's not dystopian, I swear!! I'd love a few CPs (critique partners) for this story if anyone is interested! Must love: zombies that aren't really zombies, deserts, gore and violence, and tiny, kick-ass heroines (my stories will ALWAYS have some kick-ass women in them).

Happy writing, my fellow wordfolk! And may the muse be with you! 

~Be mindful of the characters inside you. Each one has a story waiting to come to life.~

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