Wednesday, May 25, 2016


So some of you might be aware that earlier this month I entered a new writing contest called #FicFest. FicFest immediately drew my attention because it was a contest that gave an equal chance to all categories. Unlike other contests, that group picture books and adult books all into one, FicFest separates entrants by categories: Picture Book, Middle Grade, Young Adult, New Adult, and Adult. Each category has 9 finalists, chosen by a mentor that will work with their mentee for two months to get ready for the agent round (where participating agents look at the finalists' queries and first 3 pages for their writerly matches).

Entering this contest was some serious last ditch effort-ing; I had already decided to shelve my story and move on to the next. On a whim, or perhaps by the grace of that ever-so-pushy hand of fate, I entered the contest. After numerous form rejections and the general agent consensus seeming to be "I love the story but there's no market for it right now," I told myself my chances were nil, but that it sure as hell didn't hurt to try.

And, lo and behold, I'm a finalist!!

And my mentor Hetal is every mentee's dream! I can't even begin to describe how refreshing it is to have someone so genuinely invested in your journey. To have chosen you for YOU, because they truly enjoyed your story and believe it deserves a place in readers' hands. Her creative insight is invaluable and she's an endless spring of support and encouragement and wisdom and entertaining gifs (for which we both have an intense passion)!

With some amazing notes and suggestions and critiques from my mentor-queen in hand, I've finished the first coat of polish on my MS so that, in the final round, an agent might say "How much is that novel in the window? The one with the lively tale?" (see what I did there? Lolz)

Fingers crossed that #FicFest will bear the fruit of my loins. Wait... sow the seeds of my labor? Er... Something something wisdom something something philosophical point about hard work.

For now, I'll wait for my mentor-goddess' next batch of notes on this MS and get back to dabbling in paralyzing self-doubt and that abyss of insecurity. Or as some of you might know it, "writing."

~Be mindful of the chances you're not taking--you have to open a door to see where it leads.~


  1. Congrats, Christina! That's awesome!

  2. Thank you!! Keeping all my extremities crossed, haha!