Friday, March 18, 2016

Take it to Twitter

I'm pretty new to the twitter game. I resisted for sooo long. And now I'm HELLA miffed that I didn't join sooner! It's such an amazing resource for writers. Great for inspiration, connecting with other wordfolk, stalking potential agents, keeping up with your favorite authors, and participating in TWITTER PITCH CONTESTS! If you have a completed manuscript, these contests are great for testing the effectiveness of your pitch or challenging you to have the shortest query possible, getting down to the bones of your story!

#PitchMadness       (these 3 events are hosted by Brenda Drake, author of Thief of Lies)
#FicFest                  (a brand new contest created by author and editor Tiffany Hoffman)
#DVPit                   (hosted by Beth Phelan for Marginalized Voices/Diverse Books)
#PitchCB                (hosted by Curtis Brown and Conville &Walsh)
#pg70pit                 (hosted by story coach and freelance editor Lara Willard)
#SFFpit                   (hosted by author and scientist Dan Koboldt)
#QueryKombat       (hosted by authors Laura HeffernanMichael Anthony, and Michelle Hauck
(hosted by author Katie Hamstead Teller)
#PitchSlam             (hosted by L.L. McKinneyJamie CorriganKimberly Vanderhorst, and Laura Heffernan)#PassorPages          (hosted by Operation Awesome)

These aren't ALL of the Twitter pitch contests/events. Just a few! Follow the hosts on Twitter to keep up with the rules and dates for each contest!

~Be mindful of the opportunities that lie outside the box.~ 

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