Thursday, March 17, 2016

ONWARD! To the blogosphere!

THE FIRST POST! Let's smack the proverbial bottle of champagne against the proverbial SS Blogger before her maiden voyage!

I can't even begin to tell you how many two-posts blogs I've abandoned to the blogosphere (sorry blogs!). You start one thinking you'll have something really profound to say, something special to share with the world, and I think the desire to be witty, unique, and eloquent became a bit overwhelming.

But, then I realized--all those things I was trying to be in writing--that just ain't me! I'm rough around the edges, sometimes a little too opinionated, and full of malarky. I'm too old to care about that crap anymore (just ask my furry legs and love handles... they know. Oh, they know). But I'm passionate. And that's something I'd like to share with the world of the Interwebz.

And writing is one of my greatest passions. Each of us is on our own journey. If you're a writer, that's usually towards a published book. And that journey can feel horribly lonesome sometimes. We as Wordfolk often get trapped in feelings of self-doubt and second-guessing, and it can make all the difference to know you're not alone in your experiences. You're not the only one with a character who just won't come to life. You're not the only one struggling to revise the story your brain is now numb to. And you're DEFINITELY not the only one getting those horrifically form rejection letters.

We're all in this journey together and I hope this blog joins you on your quest! I've got tips ,and trials and errors, and resources I'll be sharing that will hopefully be helpful in feeding that passion for story telling and dream weaving! And though I won't always make posts about writing (there are too many amazing fandoms and books and games and songs out there to ignore), my desire is to connect with you over it. SO LET'S CONNECT, INTERWEBZ!

Also, I'll always leave you with one of my own mindful musings inspired by the post. Here's the first one:

~Be mindful of the passions that propel you. And pursue them relentlessly.~ 

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